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Jali is a creative indoor product and can be made in variety of wood & boards. Jali's can be used in variety of ways as interiors solutions.  It can be used as room dividers, partition in any types of open spaces, false ceiling, wall decor and as fixed or sliding doors. Along with wood (Mahogany, Burma teak, Shegun) Jali designs are made of mostly in various types of boards like – MDF, Veneer board, ply board, PVC sheet, Aluminum composite panel (ACP)  etc. CLEAN CUT These are guaranteed good clean files, no extra cut or too many nodes. SIZE Our all designs can be scalable.  Most of the designs are in a size of 4 feet x 8 feet. File Format All of our files are in Artcam 2008. We can give .eps & .dxf files if requires.