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Learn What Spiritual Malady Is And The Role It Plays In Your Recovery

When we are threatened, we also have two defensive phenotypes. One is a mobilization response to threat where we can prejudge, react, attack, argue, criticize, blame, and experience interpersonal disconnections. This is frequently referred to as “fight and flight” physiology. The other threat 12 Group Activities For Addiction Recovery phenotype is one of relative immobilization where we retreat, ruminate, isolate, dissociate and experience bodily and spiritual disconnections. This is frequently referred to as “falter (or freeze) and faint” physiology. On page 62 the text explains that “Selfishness-self-centeredness!

  • The thing is though that when an alcoholic drinks they don’t feel those things anymore.
  • They may anticipate a sensational event that will forever change their lives, permanently elevating them above the routine din of the daily grind, and giving them the secret to ongoing happiness.
  • When being chased by a tiger it is helpful to think “danger”, react quickly, judge without contemplation, defend and protect one’s self.
  • When we are under threat, we create a bias towards negative, selfish, aggressive and prejudiced thoughts.

Alcoholics Anonymous often makes reference to the publication of WIlliam James, “The Varieties of Religious Experiences,” which was published in 1902. Almost everyone who evolves spiritually has certain key characteristics, according to the book. By using this approach, a recovering addict can experience a notable change in their outlook. Following this program will cause them to feel less alone or closed off from the messages of life, thus relieving them from the burden of isolation.

A Higher Power and Our Spiritual Awakening

No amount of reason, rationalization, or punishment, will restore their sight. Giving a threatened person safety instead of reason, rationalization, or punishment, is the equivalent of giving a blind person sight. The threatened given safety will see, understand, connect, bond, and thrive. The summation of physical threats, spiritual threats, shadow threats, and existential threat is our total threat load. A chronically high total threat load will lead to maladaptive physiology and maladaptive behavior, and will lead to illness and disease—both physical and spiritual. We have to be aware of this phenomenon in everything we do and we have to be willing to look directly at this reality to be aware and correct course.

  • Almost everyone who evolves spiritually has certain key characteristics, according to the book.
  • It provided instant, although temporary, relief from our current condition, and although we knew it was a fraud, we kept going back to it.
  • The spiritual malady of alcoholism is what resides even an alcoholic gets sober too.
  • However, when they go through rehab, they can silence this feeling and learn how to deal with their issues directly.

Each time we wake up from a modus operandi state of unconscious reflexive autopilot thinking and reacting and become mindfully aware of our internal and external experience, there is an awakening of spirit. It is a spiritual awakening to realize our attitude and outlook come from within and that we have the capacity to adjust them when we make a conscious choice to do so. Just because we may have had a shitty day thus far doesn’t mean that it has to continue in that direction. Everyone can take a lesson out of the spiritual principles of this organization. And although not everyone has a problem with drugs or alcohol, every person reading this right now is touched in varying degrees by some form of obsessiveness affecting them in very negative ways. It is disturbing their lives and holding them back from full peace and security.

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They may anticipate a sensational event that will forever change their lives, permanently elevating them above the routine din of the daily grind, and giving them the secret to ongoing happiness. It is important that when we embark upon this quest to alleviate our spiritual malady that we are not too harsh on ourselves. No one is perfect at first when attempting to live a spiritual life, especially when we are coming back from a long spiritual hiatus. What is important though is that we strive to be a little better every single day and never give up on our spiritual journey in recovery. Our spiritual malady never just goes away and stays away on its own, it requires a constant spiritual connectivity and effort on our parts in our programs to keep it and the subsequent alcohol and drug abuse at bay. So long as we make an active effort to address our spiritual malady every day, we will find relief from it, one day at a time.

define spiritual malady

I can manage my spiritual malady or emotional dysfunction, I have the tools to do so. In Grace we can still experience negative emotions but God allows us to see them for what they are and not react. Addiction cannot be looked at from a one dimensional plane. We can’t say, “Okay, this is what occurs in the brain scientifically,” without also taking into consideration what is happening in the spiritual realm. We are not an engine made out of steel that just needs a few parts replaced. We have thoughts, inner longings and spiritual connections.

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By staying alert to the warning signs and taking action to address them, you can avoid falling into the trap of a spiritual malady and find greater meaning and purpose in your life. Our emotional response to criticism, stress, trauma, and grief can build up negative emotions and lead to spiritual malady. Additionally, lack of self-care and self-compassion, including poor eating habits, not getting enough rest, and neglecting basic needs are critical contributors.

define spiritual malady

The alcoholic who evolves spiritually  receives inner wisdom –  an intuition and understanding – a noetic mindset that goes beyond the traditional five senses. They also experience an ineffable quality from becoming spiritual – one  where their feelings go beyond mere words. We can’t just disconnect from drugs without replacing the drug with the fulfillment and satisfaction we were searching for in the first place.

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